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The Benefits of Solar Energy with the Help of BEC


In today’s modern world, technology is constantly changing and improving. Solar power made its way to households in the 1980s and has since seen continuous growth, lower prices, and more incentives. Here are the benefits of BEC’s solar installations.

They are good for the environment. Solar panels do not use fossil fuels, which can be harmful for the environment, and more costly. Using this type of renewable solar energy helps reduce carbon emissions into the air. Converting this energy from the sun is technology-based; resulting in energy that is more cost efficient, helping BEC members become more self-sufficient and reduce their monthly electric bill.

They can raise the value of your home. Since clean energy is in greater demand, solar installations can increase your home’s value by up to 20%. Homeowners can even take advantage of the federal solar investment tax credit which provides a 26% credit for systems installed by 2022.

BEC makes the process simple. After a site assessment and acceptance of the proposal for installation, things will get going. On average, installation takes about a week (depending on size of the system)! In addition, if you end up producing more energy than used, BEC will pay an avoided cost fee for the excess energy that goes back into the grid.

Solar panels are financially efficient. BEC will perform an energy analysis to identify the right size of system needed for your home, which will help determine the price. Thanks to the help of BEC’s Energy Saver Program, members can finance a solar panel system on their electric bill for up to 10 years.

Finally, solar energy can provide peace of mind. Solar energy when combined with battery storage can keep your home powered at night, in the event of power outage or during extreme weather events.
Texas is known for its plentiful resources and sprawling land. With an average of 234 sunny days per year, it also has the perfect climate. Let’s help keep Texas clean for future generations.

What are you waiting for? Getting started is easy. Simply call BEC’s energy services department at 830.331.4500 to power your home with clean solar energy or visit BanderaElectric.com/Solar.

Posted: 6/3/2022 2:11:38 PM
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