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Kitchen Appliances That Save Time and Energy

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Whether your oven and stovetop are powered by gas or electricity, it’s no secret that they consume more energy than smaller countertop appliances, like slow cookers and toaster ovens. In addition to efficiency, smaller kitchen appliances can provide faster cooking times and less hassle with cleanup.

If you’re looking for convenient cooking methods with the added bonus of energy efficiency, here are three electrifying appliances for your kitchen.

Air fryers have become popular, and consumers have a lot of good things to say about these handy little machines. Air fryers use convection to circulate hot air and cook the food—meaning little to no oil is required, resulting in healthier meals than those from traditional fryers. Air fryers are available in various sizes, and prices range from $40 to $200-plus.

Electric griddles have certainly been around for a while, and they offer several benefits for any home chef. Griddles are convenient because you can cook everything at once. They consume small amounts of energy and provide quick cooking times, so your energy bill will thank you. Prices and sizes for griddles vary, but you can typically find one for about $30.

Pizza brings people together, so why not consider a pizza maker for your kitchen? These compact countertop machines are an inexpensive alternative to a costly brick oven, and they use less energy than a traditional oven. Choose your own fresh ingredients to whip up a faster, healthier pie at home. Plus, most pizza makers are multifunctional and can be used to cook flatbreads, frittatas, quesadillas and more. You can purchase a pizza maker for $30–$150 or more.


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Posted: 6/17/2022 12:03:03 PM
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