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Update Windows To Save Energy

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Inefficient windows allow heat to get into your house in the summer and slip out of it in the winter and are responsible for up to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling bills. If your windows are old or single-pane, you might want to consider replacing them. But if they’re in good shape or new windows aren’t in the budget, try updating them to make them more energy efficient.

Inspect your windows for air leaks, caulk around them and install weatherstripping. Apply weatherstripping to areas that can handle friction and weather changes, and apply caulk on the sides and joints of your window frame and other window areas that are stationary.

For south- and west-facing windows, adding awnings is a smart choice. Awnings on south-facing windows can reduce the amount of solar heat gain in your home by as much as 65% in the summer. Awnings used on west-facing windows can reduce it by up to 77%.

Window blinds and thermal drapes can reduce heat gain by up to 45%.

Window films can block up to 35% of solar heat and 95% of ultraviolet rays on a hot summer day. This is a fairly inexpensive DIY project.

If one or all of your windows need to be replaced, BEC's Energy Saver Program includes an energy audit and can allow you to replace or upgrade your HVAC, electric furnace, windows and doors or insulation, electric water heater and more with zero down, interest-free financing paid on your electric bill. Learn more at


Posted: 7/6/2022 12:58:59 PM
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