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Super Bowl TV Shopping? Think Efficiency


The run-up the Super Bowl is one of the most popular times to purchase a new TV. Many fans seek to upgrade their entertainment systems to enjoy the game in style, and some smart planning can help fans enjoy the game more efficiently.

TVs vary widely in features and price. With so many options, it’s easy to overlook energy consumption as a factor.

A score for consumers is that comparing energy consumption across TVs has been simplified with the EnergyGuide label that helps buyers compare estimated yearly energy costs.

If you’re shopping for a new TV for the Super Bowl this year, consider these tips:

Calculate the energy cost of the TV based on your typical usage.

Calibrate your new TV by adjusting its contrast and brightness settings to moderate levels. Most new TVs are set to high-contrast settings that consume more power than lower settings. You can always temporarily increase performance settings for watching visually rich shows.

Plug your TV and components into a smart power strip to save energy when the system powers down.

Posted: 1/9/2023 4:05:33 PM
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