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Top Fiber Benefits for Business


As a business owner, you work every day to realize your dream, and you decide what tools to use to help you reach your business goals.

Today, internet connectivity has become an increasingly necessary business tool, and now more than ever, the right kind of internet is one of the best tools you can have.

That internet is made possible by fiber connectivity, and it can help companies of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to corporations. Read on to learn more about the top 8 business benefits of fiber internet:

1. The Need for Speed
First things first. Good internet connectivity is all about speed. You need your file sharing, order tracking and sales transactions to happen in real time at the pace of business. Your internet should work for you not against you.

To do that, fiber internet is many times faster than copper cable internet connections like DSL or Ethernet. With fiber internet, you can continue doing business without slowing down during high-demand times.

Additionally, with fiber internet you benefit from equal upload and download times called "symmetric speed.” Symmetric speed allows you to upload and download video content and files, and make phone calls simultaneously without delays.

2. Bandwidth
If you use an internet-based phone system, video-conferencing, high definition video streaming, file sharing or cloud applications to run your business, you transmit large amounts of data. And if you’re doing that with cable internet, it can be easy to max out your bandwidth, causing delays and poor video quality.

However, fiber internet’s bandwidth is significantly higher, and speed does not decrease as demand increases.

3. Reliability
Unreliable internet connections are more than a headache. They can delay or halt your business altogether.
With fiber, you get a stronger cable than copper, and fiber internet is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions like copper cables.

Unlike copper cables that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference from heavy machinery, fiber internet is not affected by electromagnetic interference. When other businesses are using equipment that can interfere with your connection in the same space, fiber internet can protect your connectivity.

If your business requires the internet to conduct transactions, make phone calls or access applications, the reliability of fiber internet is a must.

4. Signal Strength
With copper cable internet connections like DSL or Ethernet, the signal weakens as you get farther from the switch. However, the signal strength of fiber internet stays stronger over distance. If your business occupies a large space, you could benefit from fiber internet’s more consistent signal strength throughout.

5. Access to the Cloud
The cloud is an important business tool for apps, hosting and data storage, and with fiber internet’s speed and bandwidth, you can access your cloud-based data and applications more quickly. With faster access, your team can communicate and make sales faster.

6. Security
Your business’s information is a valuable resource, and when that information is compromised, so is your relationship with your customers. Today, hackers can tap into cable internet easily, but they can’t penetrate fiber-optic cables without physically cutting the fibers, causing a loss of signal. In short, using fiber internet helps safeguard your business against cybercrime.

7. Support for HD Video
If you use teleconferencing or video conferencing to run your business, a fiber internet connection keeps those tools running smoothly without sacrificing bandwidth. Investing in video conferencing also increases collaboration and can save travel costs.

8. Cost Savings
There are no two ways about it: Without fast, reliable internet connectivity, your business is losing money.
With fiber internet, your business is more productive, flexible and scalable, both saving you money and making money. Fiber internet ensures that your business is sustainable today and in the future.
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Posted: 1/2/2019 9:00:00 AM
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