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High Energy Bills Giving You the Blues?


High Energy Bills Giving You the Blues? Don’t let colder temperatures get you down.

Take Control of Energy Use

With the myBEC app, you will be able to see your billing history and view your daily usage. You can see how your use is trending over time, which allows you to take steps to lower your bill. Download the app by visiting BanderaElectric.com/myBEC.

Understand your bill

Remember, each month’s bill reflects your use during the previous month. Even if it’s mild today, last month’s cold weather will affect this month’s bill. Read our guide on understanding your bill.

During an outage, the myBEC system is unable to capture energy consumption, so it estimates usage based on your previous behavior. This means you may see usage in the dashboard for periods when your power was out, but you will never be charged for electricity you did not use.

Be smart with your thermostat

It’s amazing how much difference a few degrees can make. By adjusting your thermostat, you can save year-round on heating and cooling costs. In the heating season, set your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower and dial it back 8-10 degrees when you leave the house or go to sleep to save you up to 10% per year on your electric bill.


Make sure your appliances are working properly and are regularly maintained

•  Change HVAC filters regularly to ensure your unit is working as efficiently as possible.
•  A faulty heat pump can cause excessive energy use driving up energy costs.
•  Use a programmable thermostat to set your schedule, but make sure it is installed properly. If the wires are crossed, your AC and heat could run simultaneously.

Enroll in the Energy Saver Program

BEC offers a new program that includes a home energy audit to identify inefficiencies in your home or business. Qualifying energy improvements can be made with zero-down, interest free on bill financing. The program saves an average $24 per month on your electric bill. Learn more at BanderaElectric.com/EnergySaver.


Posted: 2/23/2022 2:59:49 PM
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