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Keep Your Patio Cool In The Summer

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Nothing brings family, neighbors and friends together better in the summer than a cookout on a fully equipped patio. But on the hottest days, it’s tempting to move the party indoors. Instead, consider cooling your patio down a bit. Here are some suggestions:

Add a roof or pergola. The best way to keep the heat from ruining an afternoon party is to keep the sun off of the patio. Consider building a metal roof over your patio or installing a retractable awning or a pergola. A pergola adds shade and makes an outdoor area extra stylish. If large shade structures are too expensive or big, try patio umbrellas.

Use retractable screens that can be drawn down to block the sun from the sides.

Install some fans. If your patio is covered, a ceiling fan can create a soft breeze that will cool off everyone who is sitting or standing nearby. Portable, high-velocity fans placed on the patio floor also will help guests feel cooler. Plus, they’ll keep bugs at bay.

Try a mister. This is an outdoor cooling system that sprays a fine mist that evaporates before hitting the ground or getting the patio—or the people using it—wet. The heat in the air makes the mist evaporate, leaving less heat in the immediate area. A tip: Get a good system, as the ones you connect to your garden hose could feel more like playing in the sprinklers.

Paint the floor. When sunshine lands on the concrete floor of an uncovered patio, it can overheat both the area and your guests’ feet. Consider painting the floor a light color to keep it from absorbing so much heat. Or simply throw a sturdy outdoor rug on the floor.

Add potted plants. Plants can absorb heat, release moisture into the air and add shade.


Posted: 8/24/2022 9:30:02 AM
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