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Call a Licensed Electrical Contractor


Maybe you’ve heard before that you need to hire a licensed electrician for electrical upgrades and repairs. But maybe you’ve also heard that someone with a journeyman license is good enough.

That’s false. Your electrical contractor should be fully licensed through the state for a variety of reasons.

Electrical contractors are “licensed to engage in the business of designing, installing, erecting, repairing, or altering electrical wires or conductors to be used for light, heat, power or signaling purposes,” according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. “This includes the installation or repair of ducts, raceways, or conduits for the reception or protection of wires or conductors and the installation or repair of any electrical machinery, apparatus, or system used for electrical light, heat, power or signaling.”

To obtain an electrical contractor license, a prospective company must employ a licensed master electrician. The licensed master electrician can be the business owner.

Additionally, obtaining an electrician’s license ensures that the holder has undergone a criminal history background check. This helps keep consumers safe, as these professionals enter homes and businesses to conduct repairs and improvements.

Hiring a licensed electrical contractor for repair work protects homeowners because electricians licensed by the state are required to have insurance. Licensing requirements also ensure that electricians stay up to date on current technology, safety guidelines, and building and safety codes.

Any licensed contractor in Texas must have their company name and Texas electrical contractor license number on both sides of their work vehicle, on business letterhead, proposals and invoices.

You can verify licensing by doing a search on the TDLR website at www.tdlr.texas.gov/licensesearch or by calling 1-800-803-9202.

Posted: 4/27/2021 10:01:44 AM
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