Need help paying for internet?

FCC Announces Emergency Broadband Benefit for low-income households.

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Ask Your Representative
To Support Cooperatives

Tell your representative to stand with co-ops this legislative session. After all, you are a member-owner of your cooperative.

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Make Home Improvements with
Zero down, Interest-free Financing

Finance new windows, HVAC, water heaters and more on your electric bill!

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Keep Your Phone Number
When you switch

Get affordabe, reliable internet and phone service with BEC Fiber!

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BEC Fiber Internet Speeds
Start at 100 Mbps

BEC recently increased its fiber broadband speeds!

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Access Your Account
Wherever You Go

Download the new myBEC app for the best experience!

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New Electric Service


The Texas Hill Country is seeing a strong upswing in new construction. BEC is ready to welcome our new member-owners home and is here to help you with the process from beginning to end.

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Fiber Internet & Phone


Fiber internet is the most advanced broadband technology in the Texas Hill Country, and now it's more affordable than ever. Fiber internet is available to BEC members in select areas. Phone service is optional.

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Energy Saver Program


BEC's Energy Saver program provides members with zero down, interest-free on-bill financing for energy efficiency upgrades, solar systems, battery storage, electric vehicle charging and more.

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New Broadband Bill Assistance Program

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program provides a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households. Applications open May 12. Learn more.

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