Community Solar

BEC Community Solar Farm in Leakey, Texas

Ready to become a solar user, but don't have space on your roof or your property? Then BEC's community solar project is the solution. Construction on the 1.9 MW solar farm is complete and will deliver nearly 3 million kWh to BEC members.  This project benefits both the cooperative and our members. BEC benefits as the solar array will reduce peak load on our electrical infrastructure in Leakey and members can buy solar energy directly from BEC at a competitive, low fixed price.  

Energy will be sold to members in 100 kWh blocks on a first-come-first-served basis. There are 2,500 blocks total, approximately 500 are still available and BEC is currently accepting applications. Members can expect to see the charges on their March 1, 2017 BEC electric bill.

Interested? Please fill out the application below or call 866-226-3372.

Save Even More with Solar

Even if you’ve already incorporated other energy-saving improvements, adding solar can really save you money. Solar panels have become more affordable than ever, and once your solar system is installed, you can start generating some or all of your own power.

Here’s how it works: BEC meters record the electricity flowing between the member’s home and our lines—in both directions.

  • If you use more electricity than you generate during your billing cycle, you’re billed for the amount of electricity you buy from BEC.
  • If you generate more electricity than you use during your billing cycle, that extra energy flows into the BEC grid and your bill gets credited according to the wholesale generation rate.

This two-way flow is called “distributed generation.” To learn more about how this works in our cooperative or review our contracts, find more information under "Connecting to the Grid"

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