BEC Membership

At Bandera Electric, you are more than one of our customers … you are a member.  That means that in addition to quality electric service, you are also entitled to benefits such as capital credits, discounts and direct involvement in the business of the cooperative. 

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Capital Credits

As a member-owned, not-for-profit organization, your Bandera Electric annually allocates margins back to each member who had electric service during designated years, based on their total electric bill. The Co-op then pays capital credits, above what is required to operate the Co-op, back to each member based on their share of patronage capital. Since the inception of BEC, your directors have approved and returned over $19.3 million to members.

Patronage capital is retained in order to maintain a sufficient level of equity that will enable your Co-op to continue effective and efficient operations, until the board of directors determines the financial condition will allow for a refund. Their goal is to authorize maximum refunds consistent with maintaining the financial soundness of your electric cooperative.

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