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1. Apprentice Meter Technician

Job Summary:
The Apprentice Meter Technician will actively train in electric utility metering, technical systems and equipment while adhering to strict Safety rules and procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Identify single phase and three phase lines and equipment
  • Take information from electrical devices needed to complete records
  • Perform the necessary work on the ground to serve an Apparatus Technician working on a pole or in bucket
  • Good housekeeping at the job site
  • Apply Standard First Aid to an injured or ill victim/CPR/AED
  • Use of two-way radio
  • Prepare metering equipment for installation
  • Install ground rod and make necessary connections
  • Perform bucket rescue and assist in pole top rescue procedures
  • Introduced to underground systems (URD)
  • Become familiar with safety manual procedures
  • Learn basic electrical theory
  • Learn proper grounding procedures
  • Safely operate right-of-way tools (axe, chain saw, etc.)
  • Demonstrate inspection and care of personal climbing tools and PPE
  • Safely climb pole with proper fall resistant (Basic Pole Climbing School) and become qualified as a climber
  • Perform pole top rescue in 4 minutes or less
  • Knowledge of electricity from generation to meter
  • Correctly terminate URD secondary and service
  • Properly test three phase meters
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED with a good background in math.
  • Able to use high school math skills to accurately calculate test results and load data.
  • Must have/maintain a valid Class “A” CDL Texas driver’s license with insurance, or obtain within 6 months of their DOH.
  • Must have the ability to read and understand Cooperative system maps, work order staking sheets, National Electrical Safety Code, National Electric Code and other specifications or instructions material the Cooperative may incorporate for its operations.
  • Must have the ability to determine energized conductors from non-energized conductors.
  • Be able to learn the BEC service area including transmission and distribution systems.
  • Must be able to work in elevated positions and have the ability to safely operate Cooperative vehicles and equipment in all weather conditions.