Billing Options

Paperless Billing
After registering or logging into  My Account,  you can opt out of receiving a paper bill by selecting  "Profiles", "Accounts", "No".

Or request paperless billing on the  Contact Us form.
Level Billing  
With Level Billing, you pay the same amount each month on your electric bill. If you have been a member for at least 12 months and would like to be on level billing, fill out the Level Billing Inquiry
Deferred Payment Plan

If you cannot pay a current bill, a deferred payment arrangement may be available. These are handled on a case by case basis. Call 866-226-3372 for more information.  
My Bill
Each bill includes helpful information.  Click here to see a sample bill and explanation.  Click here to view our current rates.
Monitor Your Usage
Did you know that you can monitor you hourly usage using your BEC Ebiz account? Click here for instructions.
Bills become over-due 16 days after they are mailed

Four Billing Cycles
We offer four billing cycles for your convenience.  You can change billing cycles once a year.  If you would like to change billing cycles, contact the Cooperative.

Cycle 1

Meters read: 1st of month
Bills Mailed: 3rd to 5th of month
Due Date: 19th to 21st of each month

Cycle 2

Meters read: 8th of month
Bills Mailed: 10th to12th of month
Due Date: 26th to 1st of each month

Cycle 3

Meters read: 15th of month
Bills Mailed: 17th to19th of month
Due Date: 2nd to 6th of each month

Cycle 4

Meters read: 22nd of month
Bills Mailed: 24th to 27th of month
Due Date: 9th to 13th of each month

2014 Billing Cycle Schedule